Hello, friends. Remember me? I know I’ve been gone for awhile, and I am sorry about that. The reasoning is two-fold: for a start, I got a promotion at work that requires more of my designated reading time (not to mention energy) than anticipated. Secondly, you may well recall that I generally only blog about books that I either really loved, really hated, or was really bemused by. And unfortunately, nothing I’ve read as of late has inspired anything other than a general shrug from me.

But fear not! The magic of the internet has provided me with ample material. Some of you might recall that I really love the Sweet Valley High books. And nothing is more magical than the six-part miniseries (categorized on the spine as Sweet Valley TERROR) that starts with Magna Edition (way better than the Super Editions) A Night to Remember. To wet your whistle for what’s to come in this epic series, one need only look at the titles. After A Night to Remember, the Wakefield twins and their friends must suffer through The Morning After, The Arrest, The Verdict, The Wedding, Beware the Baby-Sitter, all culminating in The Evil Twin.

That’s right, guys. Get psyched for a prom, a car accident, a tragic death, some tertiary murders, bad reputations, lovelorn teenagers, dating shows, underage drinking, parent traps, and a straight-up psychotic doppleganger. How could you NOT be psyched?