I am aware that it’s been awhile. (I’m also aware that this is a weekend round-up, and yet it is Tuesday.) It’s not that I’ve stopped reading, it’s that I haven’t been entranced or enraged by anything enough to really write about it. Plus, the only books I’m really reading are the ones that were all listed in the last round-up, until this week, where now I’m down to:

  • Sweet and Deadly, Charlaine Harris – I think this is her first? second? book, and surprising no one, so far there’s been a murder.
  • Perdido Street Station, China Mieville – This was recommended to me by a series of friends, and I know someone whose book club is covering it, so I thought I’d read along. It’s a little too steampunk-y for my tastes, but so far it’s expressed a lot of really interesting ideas.
  • Sorry, ladies and gents. That’s really all I have for right now.

    2012 Reading Challenge

    2012 Reading Challenge
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