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So, I thought I’d try something new today. To give you an idea of just how many books come in and out of my life, I took a picture of the books from the last month.

You can sleep when you're dead!

My book stack.

There are twenty-nine books there, of which I’ve read 5 (2 of them technically last year, shh) and am more or less halfway through 3. From left to right, the stacks are: a collection of castoffs from my friend’s book club, a collection of castoffs from my friend in publishing, Christmas presents, and library books. I try to go through the library books first, obviously, since they require them back at a certain point. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to stash paperbacks in my purse, which means I can only really read hardcovers at home.

Autographed copy of Why We Broke Up!

Plus, last night I had the pleasure of attending a book reading for Why We Broke Up. Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman were fantastic, preparing an audiovisual presentation for us, leading us through a quiz to determine whether or not we are romantics (as it turns out, I am not), and just generally being charming in their back-and-forth banter. I sadly did not get any pictures of the event itself, but here is a picture of my signed copy, plus bonus free goodies we got (a Why We Broke Up pencil for quiz-taking, and a Why We Broke Up comb because a comb is one of the items in Min’s box to Ed. Also, because I think it would have been gross to pass out used beer bottlecaps and responsible but weird to pass out condoms).