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There won’t be a round-up, or much of anything else this week, due to the holidays. Although, depending on what source you’ve heard, Daniel Handler is either coming out with a new book on December 27th, or it’s already come out, called Why We Broke Up. It’s illustrated by Maira Kalman, who collaborated with Handler last year under his alias Lemony Snicket, for the picture book 13 Words.

Why We Broke Up is young adult, and if you’re the sort that really likes audience participation, you can check out the accompanying Why We Broke Up tumblr. Handler occasionally writes pithy responses to reader submissions, which is the icing on whatever sorrows make a breakup cupcake. Handler, through the Snicket-penned Series of Unfortunate Events, and through his first novel, the absolutely phenomenal The Basic Eight is my favorite author. (I may have gifted one or two of his books this year.) I liked 13 Words, and thoroughly enjoyed the lovely The Composer Is Dead, though I’ve been dying for something novel-length, preferably by Handler. (Snicket has his own hilariously bleak style, but reading anything by him always makes me long for more adventures with the Baudelaires and company.) Plus, he has a gift for getting so wonderfully into the mind of a teenage girl and making her a fully fleshed character without ever being cliche. I’m a little beside myself for new content, and it’s number one on my ‘to read’ list.