Slow week on the reading front, it would seem. I haven’t picked up GoF in at least a week, so now I’m down to two books:

  • Kiss in the Dark, Lauren Henderson – The third book in Henderson’s Kiss series, which follows the life of Scarlett Wakefield as she accidentally kisses a boy to death and then tries to uncover the mystery of how he really died. This far in, we already know who really killed him and why, but there is apparently endless intrigue at posh British boarding/finishing/private schools, and this one may or may not center around what I hope turns out to be accidental incest. It is not the greatest series I’ve ever read, but it manages to have interesting characters, and a suitable amount of mystery and intrigue.
  • The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman – This, naturally, is a book I’ve read multiple times in the past, and if we’re being one hundred percent honest, I only picked it up because I needed a small paperback to fit in my purse for a forty-minute train ride. (Anyone who mentions e-readers gets a smack.) But the world of His Dark Materials is so fascinating and engrossing that I don’t mind picking it up again periodically.
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