The weekend round-up, if you ignore the fact that technically this is a Tuesday! In any case, it’s been kind of a slow week, thanks to me waiting on a handful of books from the library. I’m trying to condense the amount of books I’m reading, so I can get through any given one faster, thus hammering in my Goodreads goal of reading 100 books this calendar year (I suspect I’ll go over, but damn if I don’t want that badge). So this week, I’m only working through:

  • Shakespeare’s Counselor, Charlaine Harris – One of these days, I think I’d like to get around to doing a comparison or analysis of all of Harris’s series and protagonists. (It’ll justify my pathological desire to get through every last one of her novels.) I have approximately three (four?) left in the Aurora Teagarden series, but this is supposed to be the last of the Lily Bards, and my favorite to date.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling – I mentioned this in a previous post, and I haven’t progressed much past the first chapter (Harry hasn’t even gone to the Quidditch World Cup yet). GoF is my favorite of the series, so I suppose subconsciously I’m trying to make it last. I’m also at the slight disadvantage of only having the hefty (library discard) hardback, which does not fit in my purse, so I can only read it at home. Given that the majority of my reading is done on trains or in waiting rooms, things of that ilk, it does cut into my progress some.
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