Slow week, kids. Currently reading:

  • The Julius House, Charlaine Harris
  • – The next book in the Aurora Teagarden series. This is Harris’s first series, so she had not yet learned the concept of a slow-burning relationship, and has her heroine marrying off a man she met in only the previous book. The pacing is all wrong, and the appeal of having a mystery-solving librarian at the helm was lost in the second, when Teagarden quits her library job. Still, it’s relatively charming and a good book to read on the train.

  • Modelland, Tyra Banks – Those who know me know I’ve been waiting eagerly for this book ever since I heard about it. I have a mild obsession with the Tao of Tyra Banks (which mostly revolves around being peculiar and making up words, all in a very self-obsessed manner), so to find out she was penning a young adult novel was like Christmas coming early. So far, the plot seems to be decently complex, even if the writing doesn’t always hold up to it. The characters are fleshed out well enough, though they all have completely stupid names. It is far from the worst thing I’ve ever read, and I’m looking forward to finishing it (it’s 500+ pages, roughly the length of one of the larger Harry Potters).
  • There were only three books I finished last week: finally checking a re-read of Prisoner of Azkaban off my list, another Harris book (Shakespeare’s Christmas from the Lily Bard series, which does not take place on Christmas or in Shakespeare), and I Am the Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes, which is something of a predecessor to Lemonade Mouth, only not as good. (I am still only about a quarter through Wuthering Heights, but that had reached its maximum renewal capacity and had to be returned to the library. Someday we’ll meet again!)