In an effort to keep myself more on task with my reading, and to give you guys a chance to see what I’m up to even if I don’t write it up, I’ve decided to check in every weekend with a round-up of what I’m reading.

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K. Rowling – Yep, still going through this one. Nothing much to say on this front, as I haven’t actually moved ahead since the last time I reported reading it, though to my credit, I finished five books since I last checked in.
  • Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë – This is still moving painfully slowly, as well. No offense to Miss Brontë.
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, Charlaine Harris – Yep, still reading this one, as well. I’ve mostly been flipping through the timeline and character guide, putting off the novella at the moment. Can you blame me? Sookie’s next adventure isn’t going to be published until May. I want to make it last.
  • A Bone to Pick, Charlaine Harris – Second in the Aurora Teagarden series, this one has a mysterious skull and… well, at the moment, just the skull. But it’s friendly enough and fun to work through.
  • Lest you think I’m slacking, the books I’ve finished since the last round-up:

  • Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher – This I discussed in a previous post, though I may revisit it at a later date, because I have a lot of issues with the characterization of Hannah Baker (or lack thereof, at points), namely, her hypocritical self-righteousness. But again, that may be something for a later date.
  • Shakespeare’s Champion, Charlaine Harris – The second in the Lily Bard series. Lily is probably my favorite Charlaine heroine after Sookie, though she does have a tendency to refer off-handedly to important events to the point where I think I’ve skipped a novel, only to reveal them in great detail later, usually at the wrong moment and usually in the most anti-climactic way possible.
  • Lemonade Mouth, Mark Peter Hughes – This is another inspired re-read, after witnessing all the hoopla surrounding the Disney Channel adaptation (which I have not seen. If I do, I’m sure you’ll hear about it, because the novel strikes a lot of beats I enjoy). Harmless fun with some interesting characters.
  • Just As Long As We’re Together and Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson, Judy Blume – My favorite part about Blume’s books is that they’re not really about any large, life-changing event, they’re more of a window into an average girl’s life at a time which may or may not be eventful. Stephanie Hirshe is dealing with her parents’ separation, but also with trying to have multiple best friends, an unexpected weight gain, school, boys, etc. Rachel Robinson is dealing with the homecoming of her troublemaker older brother, but also with her mother’s job change, and her own feelings about her perfectionism and the trials of being an overachiever. They’re slices of life, which in a way makes them more realistic than the books that just focus on any one given event. It is, in its own way, relaxing.
  • See you next week!