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I have no real insight to offer today, folks. I’m in the middle of a few books at the moment, the one I’m most invested in being Veronica Roth’s Divergent, which I think I’ll offer more on once it’s finished. Currently, all I can tell you is that it involves a future dystopia set in Chicago, which has been broken up into factions of people who aspire to espouse certain virtues. There are: Abnegation, the selfless; Amity, the peaceful; Candor, the honest; Dauntless, the brave; and Erudite, the intelligent. Of course, every time anyone mentions Erudite in any capacity, I can’t help but start humming the Flight of the Conchords song “Ladies of the World”. It’s no fault of Roth’s whatsoever, more how my brain functions than anything else, but it makes it slightly more difficult to take the novel that seriously.

I’ve also started Deadline, the sequel to the much-maligned (by me) Feed, because I’m curious to how (SPOILERS) the story will progress after killing off the narrator. So far, I find Shaun far more likeable than George, and Grant has interestingly continued to incorporate George in the story by having her be the voice in Shaun’s head. Oddly, I like her better this way. The universe has expanded slightly to include blog posts from the many members of Shaun’s news team, finally giving them some personality, which I appreciate. I feel better about the sequel already, quite honestly.