What are those books that you’ve always meant to read, but haven’t?

I assume for most people, those books fall on your average list of classics. I went to (and graduated from) college as a lit major. My mother warned me against this, because she knew that I would come out of it hating big, lengthy tomes by those long dead. She was right. (Hi, Mom!) After four years of all the Georges and Janes, I’d had enough and completely rebelled from my education. As you know, I’m a big fan of YA. This came into play even stronger post-college, because you couldn’t get farther from Shakespeare than the hip youth novels that were half text-speak (I don’t approve of this method, incidentally — it’s irritating). I’d done the time, as it were, and you couldn’t make me read anything I didn’t want to.

As such, a lot of things that didn’t make their way into my education (and some that did; when you’re taking multiple lit classes and essay classes, some things have to fall to the wayside, and I’d rather get sleep than read Hemingway any day of the week), and I have sort of regretted having never read them. On the list: The Three Musketeers, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Madame Bovary, Watership Down, Les Miserables, anything by Louisa May Alcott that came after Little Women. Anything else I should be including?