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When do you decide is a good time to pull out of a book you’re just not that into? I know for a lot of people, it’s 50, maybe 100 pages– if by then they are not fully grasped, they agree to disagree and give the book back to wherever it came from. I’m currently in the middle of Daniel & Dina Nayeri’s Another Pan. It has many elements I enjoy: ancient legends and myths, Egyptian themes, a modern retake on a classic tale. It’s even a sequel to a book I read and enjoyed last year, Another Faust. But for whatever reason, it’s just not hooking me. I read through it and only vaguely recall what happened in previous sections. It’s a commuting read, something I pull out on the train to flip through for half an hour or so. Nothing about it is compelling me enough to sit down and devour it in one go. It’s not bad, it’s not poorly written, and it’s actually quite interesting… I’m just not interested. I’m about halfway through, well past the point of the 50 or 100 pages that would indicate I quit and devote my time to something I’m enjoying more. So what is compelling me to keep moving forward? I do sort of want to check that off my ‘to read’ list, round my tally of books read so far to an even, round 60. I’m trying to figure out what the real life equivalent of this is. Doing volunteer work just because it looks good on your resume? I think a lot of it is, because I’ve gone past the cut-off point, I feel like I’ve committed to this book, for better or for worse. I’ll stick it out, I’ll check it off, and next time, when I’m not entranced after fifty pages, I’ll just stop.